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What is the difference between Carbon and CO2 when reducing carbon footprints? A simple primer on Carbon and CO2. This is often a point of confusion when reading about climate change. The Bond app is measuring Carbon Dioxide. It is typical for Carbon and CO2 to be used interchangeably in

How do I integrate the Bond app into my company?! Recently, a design-build firm sent in their question to us, and we thought some of you might be thinking about this as well. “..we are already pretty busy. How can I most efficiently insert this into my workflow?

The photosynthetic liquid carbon cycle. At its simplest, plants take in CO2 from the atmosphere, convert it into sugars used to build plant tissue, and the rest( 40% or so) is pumped into the ground through the root system, which drives soil biology.

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Get the Bond app and start calculating the complete CO2 relationship of your landscape project: Emissions and Capture.

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