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Design for positivepositive climate change and viable ecosystem services

We have a responsibility as leaders, designers, and builders to provide solutions that are both good for the earth and humanity. At Sandbox we believe in helping guide you to design for positive climate change and to more viable solutions.

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Our Mission

Empower landscape design professionals globally by providing high resolution tools enabling them to see the impact and leverage points of their decisions in terms of ecological literacy. Our products are designed by landscape design and build professionals to make it truly unique to your needs.

Core Values


Skilled at what we do. Bring viable tools with viable data to the table. Only hiring competent people so we don’t burden staff with peers that act as anchors.


Protect the creative process of our users by providing tools that do the heavy lifting to assess ecological literacy of their projects. We aim to make the apps as beautiful as possible. We aim to foster a creative atmosphere with staff.


Committed to visionary endeavors and to empowering landscape design visionaries with the tools to measure their ecological impact.


Tell the truth. Transparent as possible with data and sources without giving away proprietary edge. Truthfulness with staff and colleagues.


Our personal value systems of being respectful and telling the truth and maintaining a high commitment to the product we are creating.


Committed to maintaining trust through truth telling and maintaining transparency with users, staff and colleagues.


Privacy of information. Limited spam. Mutual respect for staff and all business relationships. Eliminating all relationships that do not live up to mutual respect. {{Ecosystem respect}}


Empowering designers with the tools they need to transform their careers into right livelihood.

Our Team

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Get the Bond app and start calculating the complete CO2 relationship of your landscape project: Emissions and Capture.

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