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Carbon and Plant- Unit cost of carbon

Unit Costs of Carbon- Why Our Choices Matter

Carbon Cheat Sheet

At Sandbox we know that details matter.  And that you know your project constraints and opportunities better than anyone. That is why we have developed such an incredibly detailed tool (Bond) to analyze the complete carbon cycle.

Below are just a few of the carbon impacts of our decisions.


  • 100 square feet of concrete patio 2,944 #’s of CO2
  • 100 square feet of crushed stone patio 37 #’s of CO2
  • 100′ of 1″ PVC 141 #’s of CO2
  • 1 sprinkler (rotor) 1.5 #’s of CO2
  • 5 gallon plant 10 #’s of CO2


Sequestration (per annum)


  • 1 conifer 184 #’s of CO2
  • 1 oak 99 #’s of CO2
  • 100 sq’ of turf 11 #’s of CO2

Rick Taylor

Founder Sandbox


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